The moon is full / And love is real / In every place / Where hearts can feel - I owe a debt of inspiration to Christoffer Relander and his ‘We Are Nature’ series for these recent images.

When I am born / Sing me a song / Bring me a flower / Leave on the thorns

Such was the sweetness of this bouquet.

…can save this world. @tsunsounds will do our best to bring love into your heart at Black Bear Lodge tonight from 8pm.

This drawing is for @matmchugh who I am proudly supporting on tour this month.

In every ending a beginning / To source returned and thus renewed / Every moment a new chance at living / Another moment of just passing through.

The star of salvation / Is kindled within / The whole host of Heaven / Beats under the skin

Tomorrow evening we sing for love and the season. We’d love your company at soundlounge.

Better than life / Is half-life /
Which suggests that something new is born of decay


To accompany the launch of Heartwood, I created this art book. Which is a grand name for 44 pages of random madness, but I hope you will feel it throws some light. For now it is only available at the launch events <3

Oh my friends, I am so pleased to finally present Heartwood to you.