…can save this world. @tsunsounds will do our best to bring love into your heart at Black Bear Lodge tonight from 8pm.

This drawing is for @matmchugh who I am proudly supporting on tour this month.

In every ending a beginning / To source returned and thus renewed / Every moment a new chance at living / Another moment of just passing through.

The star of salvation / Is kindled within / The whole host of Heaven / Beats under the skin

Tomorrow evening we sing for love and the season. We’d love your company at soundlounge.

Better than life / Is half-life /
Which suggests that something new is born of decay


To accompany the launch of Heartwood, I created this art book. Which is a grand name for 44 pages of random madness, but I hope you will feel it throws some light. For now it is only available at the launch events <3

Oh my friends, I am so pleased to finally present Heartwood to you.

My albumĀ Heartwood is out in a couple of days. I am glad to finally lay it in the reeds and let the currents of the world take it where they will.


rk10 asked:

The Sydney gig at The Kings Cross Hotel was spine tingly amazing I loved it! You have an incredible talent. Please play in Sydney again soon.


Thank you so very much. It was a great privilege to play in Sydney and I certainly hope to come back soon.

Sydney friends, tonight I’m playing in your town at FBi Social, love will give us wings and light by which to see the world anew.