I’m very proud to unveil the first physical copy of the new pressing of Heartwood. New artwork, lyrics and three new songs. Just collected them in time for the show at ANU Bar tonight with @busbymarou and @dsmiddleton. Come along and I’ll write on one for you.

Built from river bones and string / To hang above us while we sing / Given form and wooden wings /The symbol of a holy thing.

Thank you @infinite_intimate for helping in its construction, I might never have tried.

Rehearsals are really swinging now. Hear this old favourite and a few more this Friday evening at Rabbit & Cocoon #heartwood2014

The moon is full / And love is real / In every place / Where hearts can feel - I owe a debt of inspiration to Christoffer Relander and his ‘We Are Nature’ series for these recent images.

When I am born / Sing me a song / Bring me a flower / Leave on the thorns

Such was the sweetness of this bouquet.

…can save this world. @tsunsounds will do our best to bring love into your heart at Black Bear Lodge tonight from 8pm.

This drawing is for @matmchugh who I am proudly supporting on tour this month.

In every ending a beginning / To source returned and thus renewed / Every moment a new chance at living / Another moment of just passing through.

The star of salvation / Is kindled within / The whole host of Heaven / Beats under the skin

Tomorrow evening we sing for love and the season. We’d love your company at soundlounge.

Better than life / Is half-life /
Which suggests that something new is born of decay